Mindful Leadership Breakfast Event

Wednesday 6th February 8:30-10:30am |Campfire, Old Street

Expect fruitful discussion and time to pause & explore with like-minded individuals.

Pip Jamieson, The Dots, Sanjay Sharma, NewDay & Ruth Farenga, Mindful Pathway.
Rumour has it the BRAND NEW WIT.Class Canvas bags will be given out for free!

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Women in Tech

Do you see Gender Balance as a Business Opportunity?

Are you looking to expand your team, but struggling to find the right talent?

See ‘Recruiting Women in Technology. What’s Going so Wrong?



First Hand experience with Dyslexia and ADHD in the workplace, it sure is a difficult and challenging place for those who think differently.

For those looking to Diversify their Team and increase creative thinking. Contact me on how to make your workplace more inclusive.

See ‘Having a Disability does not mean your disabled→

♥ #DyslexicandProud ♥